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At TruFreedom, we give you the most competitive home phone line rates to bundle with your Internet connection. Our fixed-line ADSL Internet service is reliable, fast and gives you the flexibility keep your home phone just the way you like it.

Home owners are moving away from relying on a traditional landline phone connection. If you want to use their home phone more cost effectively, or are happy to use your mobile for all phone calls, start using a network connection that gets you better bang for your buck.

Australians no longer require a fixed line Internet connection to access the web nor make calls. Instead, Naked ADSL allows you to connect to a broadband Internet plan without the cost of the home phone line rental.

With Naked ADSL, you cut down on standardised costs for monthly phone line rental. It’s possible to do, because a Naked service allows you to use Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). VOIP phones allow you to still dial out and others to dial in – you save money on extra charges for fixed connections to your home.

Contact the experts at TruFreedom and we’ll sort you out with reliable, affordable Naked ADSL.


  • 8Mbps Download Speed
Speed 8Mbps
$55 per month
12 Month Pricing
No Contract Required


  • 12Mbps Download Speed
Speed 12Mbps
$55 per month
12 Month Pricing
No Contract Required

* Actual speeds may vary


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